Classic Head Large Cent Mintages

The Classic Head Large Cent was struck during the years 1808 to 1814, creating seven different dates. Compared to other series of large cents, this series is somewhat overlooked. Besides demand from type set collectors, overall interest in the series is low despite the scarcity of some issues. Finding problem free examples in higher grades can be particularly difficult and requires intensive searching.

The lowest mintage coin of the series is the 1811 Classic Head Cent at 218,025 pieces. The highest mintage occurred for 1810 at 1,458,500 pieces. As one author has correctly pointed out, the full mintage of this type is smaller than the mintage of a single year of Liberty Cap cents, making them a relatively good deal for their scarcity.

1808 1,007,000
1809 222,867
1810 1,458,500
1811 218,025
1812 1,075,500
1813 418,000
1814 357,830